ABAC Air Compressors

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ABAC Air Compressors

Since 1980, ABAC has been providing flexible high quality air compressors for industrial, professional and DIY markets in more than 100 countries worldwide. They offer both piston and screw compressors of highest quality and make.  From direct driven, one stage belt drive and two stage units with tankmounted dryers, the range of ABAC air compressors meets all professional needs. Click here to view our ABAC comrpessors for sale.

ABAC Pro Series Air Compressors

- Direct Drive - These air compressors have a user-friendly design and can easily be moved around. They are safe, protected and easy to use. - One Stage Belt Drive – Innovative in design, these air compressors are stable and easy to operate. They are slow speed and high performing compressors with standard aftercooler to prevent high temperatures. - 020P Range (Oilless direct driven compressor) – Designed for intensive DIY and semi-professional applications, these are powerful oilless direct driven compressors with a strong and reliable body that’s easy to move. Some of their other features are no oil spillage safety, comfortable rubber grip for better control during operation, easy to operate on/off button, and big wheels for fluid movement. - L20P-L30P Range (Oil lubricated direct driven compressor) – These compact compressors have strong direct driven pumps for more intensive use. With enhanced user comfort, they also provide quick and easy drainage, have big inclined gauges for easy reading, and large cooled airflows for better performance. As for mobility, their big strong wheels and bumper provides them with stability and easy movement. Its robust pump with aftercooler keeps the temperature controlled at all times.


Air Compressors with Special Configurations

If you are looking for better protection with roll bars and vertical handles for enhanced comfort and space saving, you have a range of ABAC compressors to meet that need. These compressors have a foldable high handle for better manoeuvrability, easy-to-use regulators, large wheels and strong bumpers, and dual outlet for carrying out multiple tasks. Compact for space saving, noise reducing dampers and extra comfortable to operate, these compressors are high in value. You can use Silverstone configuration with 10 litre vessel as an alternative.


High Performance V Range

These oil lubricated direct driven compressors are designed for intensive use. They have special configurations for better operator comfort, and a twin tank that allows enhanced stability when moving the compressor around on rough surfaces. Some of its other features are:
  • Extra tray to store material and equipment
  • Extendible double handle with extra rubber grip
  • Rollbar for better protection
  • Large inflatable wheels for stability and easy movement
  • Compact and efficient design
  • Small footprint for space saving


A29B PRO Range

These are one stage belt driven compressors that work at lower operating temperatures. If you want a compressor for grinding, ratcheting, wrenching and small hammering operations, these compressors are your best bet. Some of the top features of these compressors are:
  • Belt guard to improve air cooling
  • Slow speed pump design for lowering temperatures and reduced noise
  • Dual outlet for greater flexibility
  • Standard aftercooler for enhanced performance
  • Easy movement with big wheels and blockable pivot wheels
  • Safe and strong grip for ease-of-use
  • Large and easy to use drain valve


A39B PRO Range

These are one stage belt driven compressors with reliable power, performance and user-friendliness. These compressors are perfect for heavy tasks such as hammering, sanding and professional painting. High in performance, yet these compressors have low noise and temperatures due to slow speed. Their cooling mechanism allows less wear, which makes them highly durable. Enhanced airflow over the pump due to its beltguard design leads to enhanced performance. They have strong, comfortable handles with grip and blockable pivot wheels for safety.


PRO B4900-7000

This range of ABAC air compressors are two stage belt driven compressors with high reliability and enhanced user comfort. Due to bigger airflow, they operate at higher pressures, which makes them highly suitable for professional and semi-industrial applications such as grinding, wrenching, sanding, etc.


ABAC PRO Slow Speed

These two stage belt driven compressors run at lower speed, which reduces noise and wear. That makes them highly durable and perfect for heavy-duty applications. Some of the main features of these compressors are:
  • Strong pump that runs on lower speed
  • Tough and safe beltguard
  • Large wheels with brakes on pivot wheels


Two Stage Compressors with Tankmounted Dryer

ABAC offers this all-in-one range of 4-10hp professional piston compressors for application such as painting, body work, torqueing, wrenching, etc. These compressors are suitable where dry air is needed, and corrosion prevention of air systems and equipment is required. The top features of these compressors include:
  • Pre-connected dryer for ease-of-use
  • Proven dryer technology
  • No separate installation
  • Tankmounted design for space saving


Vertical PRO

This is one and two stage belt driven compressor range that is very compact. Perfect for small workshops, and applications such as care and tire repair, they offer high performance and durability. They have two stage high air volume pump and strong heavy-duty components. Slow speed, low noise, large condensate drain, and optimal cooling are some of its other beneficial features.


PRO High Flow BV & PRO High Flow Tandem

PRO high flow BV are two stage belt driven compressors with four cylinder V pump power. Used for meeting great air demands, they are extremely strong, high performing compressors. PRO high flow tandem are two stage twin pump belt driven compressors. You can use one or both pumps, which allows for greater flexibility. Highly durable and high performing, these compressors provide uninterrupted performance for years.


15 Bar PRO Range

These two stage high pressure belt driven compressors are best used for high pressure applications. This range of compressors comes with specially approved high pressure components for enhanced performance, safety and durability.


Baseplate Compressors

These are small and compact two stage belt driven compressors that take up less space. High quality pumps used in these compressors provide enhanced performance and longevity. They are easy to install and use, and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

If you want to purchase an ABAC air compressor or send us a query, please email us at info@totalairsupplies.com. Our friendly staff will assist you to meet your exact needs. To view our ABAC compressor range, please click here.