About Us

Welcome to Total Air Supplies. We are an online eCommerce company that specialise in selling Atlas Copco PRO tools, Delta Regis electric tools, TECNA balancers, ABAC compressors, and more. We offer high performing, premium quality, durable air tools and supplies that are produced by leading names in the industry.

Our highly skilled personnel have an in-depth knowledge of every tool sold on our website. We are highly trained in installing and repairing all types of air tool, electric tool, air compressor and balancer. This knowledge along with years of experience in working in this industry has given Total Air Supplies a reputation for excellence. We are a leading supplier of highly engineered tools that are designed for superior speed, durability and performance.

We only provide highest quality tools from well-known suppliers who have expertise in manufacturing high-tech tools. If you choose us to supply you with air tools, compressors, balancers etc, you can ensure a fast delivery of the best performing tools available in the market.


Get Quality with Total Air Supplies

An important part of our work is to keep ourselves up-to-date about the latest technology. Due to advancement in designing and manufacturing, we now have tools that perform better, are easy-to-use and yet, are affordably priced. We make sure that you are offered a wide choice of high performing, highly durable equipment that does not squander your budget.

Total Air Supplies has built a reputable status after meeting the needs of thousands of customers over the years. It has been our goal to provide each of our customers with quality service and skills, whenever they need it. Whether you need a balancer, electric screwdriver or ratchet wrench, you are welcome to consult us regarding your needs. Our friendly staff will provide you with comprehensive information that will help you to pick the right tool.



We offer a wide variety of equipment and tools, including PRO tools from Atlas Copco (drills, ratchet wrenches, impact wrenches, percussive tools, etc.), electric tools from Delta Regis (electric screwdrivers, driver accessories, etc.), TECNA balancers and ABAC compressors. Our knowledge about these specific tools can help you to choose the right tool for the right job. According to your need, we quickly provide you with a high-performing, durable tool from some of the best manufacturers.

Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled and can troubleshoot the most difficult of problems. Whether you require servicing, installation or troubleshooting, you can count on us. Our qualified engineers will provide you with unmatched service, delivered on time.


The Evolution of Total Air Supplies

Like most other business, we began as a small unit and grew over the years. Since the beginning, we set our goal on providing quality service and products to customers. From day one, Total Air Supplies delivered best quality products with latest technology to customers. Fast delivery coupled with quality tools spelled success for us. Keeping up our commitment to quality and quick delivery for years, we have now established ourselves as a reputed name in this industry.

After you have purchased a tool from us, our highly trained engineers will do their best to ensure that you do not face a problem with your purchase. No matter how complex the tool, their comprehensive knowledge and years of experience helps them to troubleshoot any problem whatsoever. Our engineers will fix the issue efficiently, without causing much disturbance.


Tool Solutions at your Doorstep

We know it is a pain to try out different tools at different shops, compare features and prices, and then wonder if the best purchase was made. Shopping for tools is easy now with our wide range of quality tools available for easy purchase in minutes. Your chosen tools will reach you at your doorstep in no time.

If you wish to email us for service, you simply send us a message to info@totalairtool.co.uk


Our Promise

We pride our customers above anything else and strive to provide them with quality products and service. We only source tools from top manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Delta Regis, TECNA and ABAC. Our work in this industry converts into offering our customers tools that use latest technology, are durable and of high-quality, and are easy-to-use. These high-performing tools are tested for strength, speed, noise reduction, vibration, etc. so that your work is made easier thereby improving productivity. It is our promise to deliver you quality, so we only sell products that match this commitment.