Tecna Balancers

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Tecna Balancers

TECNA S.p.A. is an Italian company with 45 years of experience in this industry. They specialise in designing high quality welding systems and balancers according to the needs of customers including Tecna Balancers. They offer a complete range of high quality balancers with a capacity from 0.2 kg to 180 kg and a standard wire stroke of up to 3 metres. To view all of our Tecna Balancers we have for sale, please click here.

Why Choose TECNA Balancers?

Industry-best balancers - TECNA balancers are industry-best in design, performance and durability. They are designed to reduce the operator’s labour, enhance performance and cut down on idle time. As these balancers reduce the use of hoses and cables, it leads to less chance of accidents and injuries. Versatile - Versatility is one of the major advantages of these balancers. They can be used for bench or assembly line work, and can easily be used with screwdrivers, small tools and industrial suspended welders. Safe - Manufactured in accordance with the DIN 15112:1979 directive, TECNA balancers are robust and designed for years of uninterrupted service. They are also BG certified by the German institute DGUV, which means that they are completely safe for use in any work environment. TECNA’s new range of balancers are ATEX certified and can be safely used in potentially explosive areas such as mines, places with flammable gases, combustible dusts, etc. Ergonomic structure - They are ergonomic, designed for ease-of-use and operator comfort. Their high structural technology makes them perfectly suitable for all kinds of work environments. TECNA also provides bespoke balancers, customised according to your specifications.


How to Choose the Right Balancer

Find out the total load you need to balance and the maximum stroke required. Next, check the minimum and maximum capacity of the balancer. Make sure that the working stroke is less than the maximum stroke. TECNA balancers are available in aluminium and aluminium/rubber.


Top Features of TECNA Balancers

Though the features vary with each balancer, these are some of the features that you will find in most TECNA balancers:
  • Rugged construction with nylon/cast aluminium body
  • Ribbed and sealed construction in aluminium alloy
  • Stainless steel rope
  • Adjustable capacity
  • Safety suspension
  • Safety device against load dropping due to spring breakage (capacity less than 3 kg)
  • Upper rotary suspension with safety hook
  • Locking device to lock the load at any height
  • Adjustable stroke limiting device
  • Cable guide in antifriction material
  • Inert spring drum assembly
  • Polyamides thimble
  • Operating temperature between °C to 60°C.

On request, the company can provide you with locking-unlocking device with control from the floor, rotary insulated hook and brake device. TECNA also provides customised balancers with the specific features you want.



TECNA is constantly looking to advance the technology they use in their products while ensuring the safety of the environment. Sustainable, high performing, safe and durable, TECNA products are designed for excellence. Due to their commitment to quality and consistent work in this industry, they have gained considerable experience in resistance welding and over 45 years of sales experience worldwide. Since TECNA also offers customised products in many product categories, customers can easily obtain the specific tool that they need without worrying about the quality of the product. Production – A part of the production TECNA undertakes is conducted by artisan businesses located in the beautiful town of Castel San Pietro Teme on the outskirts of Bologna. This has led to the development of a large network of talented designers, artisans and partners, which has enriched the town and its people. Futuristic Outlook – The company is looking to expand its platform both on the web and offline. Attending trade fairs, using platforms of the next generation, and engaging customers at various levels will be the company’s future approach. This is expected to further inspire the staff, elevate performance and create an enthusiastic attitude towards the company’s new products amidst customers and staff. Marketing Goals – Innovation is at the core of TECNA. Keeping up-to-date about the various transformations in the industry, the company is constantly meeting both external and internal demands to remain highly competitive and provide customers with optimum quality products. Their marketing strategy is looking to promote TECNA in deep details, keeping focus on the company values and its products.


TECNA Industrial Products

Along with high quality balancers with capacities ranging from 0.2kg to 180 kg, TECNA also produces a range of resistance welders (stationary and bench versions), pneumatic and robot guns, special machines, measurement tools, control units and technical components (transformers and inverters).


Caring for the Environment

TECNA’s commitment towards the environment is apparent in its products. They have begun designing products that have minimum impact on the environment. They have adopted environment-friendly design structure in the buildings in via Meucci and via Grieco to protect the environment, raise awareness and make use of technology responsibly. These buildings use the least amount of electricity due to their well-lighted design; have weather resistant, thermal cut external vertical panels; and have an underground rainwater collection system.



To strengthen and increase its presence in the market, the company has made strong partnerships in India and the USA. This will enhance and expand the company’s brand image, and strengthen its network of local distributors. TECNA’s stronghold, however, remains the Italian market.


Future Projects

Analysing the socio-economic trends to develop and improve upon their existing products, TECNA is innovating to create meaningful products at all times. Their business model is based on using bold solutions and new visions, not inheriting old methods used previously in the field. With this, TECNA is moving forward to create better products that create new, highly efficient ways in how we work and live.

If you want to purchase any Tecna Balancers, or send us a query, please email us at info@totalairsupplies.com. Our friendly staff will assist you to meet your exact needs. To view our Tecna Balancers range, please click here.